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Timbal Sweet Red Vermouth 500ml

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Vermut de Reus, Catalunya, Spain

This well rounded and wormwood-forward sweet red vermouth has earned great admiration. Its easy style is ideal for the Catalan tradition of the ‘vermouth hour’, enjoying a glass on the rocks with olives. Timbal Sweet Red also marries beautifully with rye or bourbon, revealing notes of baking spices. The town of Reus (near to Tarragona in Catalonia) is the historic epicenter for vermouth production in Spain, where for over a century the producer Miró has set the benchmark for its wormwood-forward style.

For the Catalan tradition of the ‘hora del vermut’, Timbal Sweet Red is served over ice with two olives and an orange slice in the glass, and usually accompanied by bowls of olives and potato chips. That’s right: a wine traditionally served with potato chips! Add tonic and lemon peel for a spicier take. With whiskey, Timbal’s spice notes are very welcome, and this vermouth adds weight and texture without the distraction of vanilla. Pair with high-toned whiskeys, such as Wild Turkey.

75% Airen, 25% Maccabeo

Easy-drinking delicious, sweet red vermouth

  • Shines in classic cocktail proportions
  • Shows baking-spice notes when mixed with bourbon or rye
  • Traditionally served on ice with orange slice and olives
  • Consumer- and trade-friendly formats: 500ml and 5L box
  • Producer is from historic center of vermouth production in Spain
  • 15% abv

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BrandEmilio Miro
Size500 ml