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Guglielmo Levi Grappa Stravecchia 2018 700ml

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Valle d’Aosta, Italy 

By the late 1800s, a “grapat” (grappa maker) named Guglielmo Levi arrived in the small town of Aosta. In this corner of Italy surrounded by nature and Europe’s highest peaks, Guglielmo founded his distillery, starting a history meant to last over time. 

Being a skilled grapat, Guglielmo began to produce his grappa in the heart of the town of Aosta, in the so-called “Borgo di Sant’Orso”. The work of the master distiller fascinated those who did not know it because it seemed surrounded by a magic halo. Indeed, this art had the power to transform nature and involved an extremely fascinating process. Over the years, the production kept growing and Natalina – Guglielmo’s daughter – together with her husband Cesare Rosset, decided to move the company headquarters to Quart, a village on the outskirts of Aosta. Still today our spirits are produced in Quart, in the Distillerie Levi, thanks to a traditional “bain-marie” discontinuous alembic, which is powered by renewable sources. 

Our past tells who we are and shapes our identity. The new Grappa Stravecchia is a tribute to our legacy and reinterprets the historical Grappa “Guglielmo Levi”. It is obtained from the precious fermented pomace of local grapes, and it is then aged more than 24 months in oak, acacia, and cherry barrels. 

Alcohol: 43% vol

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