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Tsikrikonis Assyrtiko Asvestaria 2022

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Pangeon PGI, Macedonia, Greece 

Tsikrikonis Assyrtiko Asvestaria is the quintessential summertime Greek white wine from a single vineyard in Macedonia. Under Mount Symbolos at an altitude of 350 meters and just 3 kilometers from the Aegean Sea, lies the Tsikrikoni family vineyard. The vineyard named ASVESTARIA (LIMESTONE) took its name from the soil that is nothing but pure limestone. Historically the location was used for the extraction of limestone for the production of plaster for construction use. In 2006 the first vine stocks of Assyrtiko were planted and a mult-tiered vineyard was formed. The combination of the sea breeze during the day, the mountain wind during the night, and the subsoil compose a special microclimate ideally suited for Assyrtiko. 

Tsikrikonis Assyrtiko Asvestaria is a soft lemon in color with a pure nose of lemon blossoms, spices and herbs, citrus and some white-fleshed fruit. This crisp, dry white has nice acidity, medium body, and minerality. It was aged for 6 months on the lees in stainless steel tanks. Long and pleasant on the finish--mineral, lemony and spicy, with some green fruit. 

Enjoy Tsikrikonis Assyrtiko over the next 8-10 years as a refreshing aperitif wine and to accompany grilled snapper with fruit salsa, grilled octopus, roasted chicken and summer salads.

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Size750 ml