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St Agrestis Amaro Soaked Cherries

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New York Made using sour Balaton cherries sourced from Michigan, we macerate the cherries in our beloved St. Agrestis Amaro. Since prohibition, most cocktail cherries have been produced using a process called sugar impregnation rather than soaking cherries in spirit. At St. Agrestis we've implemented the traditional process of macerating the cherries to impart the herbal, bittersweet and savory amaro flavors onto the naturally tart cherries. After 12 weeks soaked in Amaro, the cherries reach their ideal flavor. With a satisfying texture and a complex rich, yet not overly sweet, sour, spiced syrup. St. Agrestis Amaro Soaked Cherries are a perfect match for a wide variety of drinks - from Manhattans to Whiskey Sours, or simply mixed with soda and bitters.

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TypePrep Cocktails
Size375ml - Pint
BrandSt Agrestis