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Ampelourgein Erotodiomatris 2019

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Crete, Greece 

Ampelourgein Erotodiomatris is a beautiful natural Greek red wine blend two indigenous varieties of Crete: Kotsifali and Mandilari. The Ampelourgein winery was created by Nikos Papadakis in 1997. It is located in the village Schinokapsala of Lasithi on Crete and produces natural wines with minimal additives from local Cretan grape varieties. The vineyards are scattered in the mountains of Lasithi without intensive farming at an altitude of 850-1150 meters, far away from atmospheric pollution. Wild and hard but also a blessed place away from phylloxera. Organic with no sulfites added.

Ampelourgein Erotodiomatris is a natural dry red wine from two indigenous varieties of Crete. Mandilari is the king of the indigenous varieties of the island. It produces a full-bodied red that offers plum, anise and fig flavors with a backbone of leather and high acidity, very rich in color. For this reason, they often mix it with varieties such as Kotsifali. The latter is an excellent red variety that has a soft, sweet taste loaded with plum aromas. Fermentation is done in an open tank with native yeasts and minimal human intervention. This is a wine where the primary and secondary aromas dominate since it does not pass through the barrel at all, so that it is able to express the unique sensory signature of its place of origin! 

Enjoy Ampelourgein Erotodiomatris with grilled lamb, souvlaki, moussaka, and rich vegetable dishes.

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Size750ml - Standard