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Liquid Fables Canned Cocktail Summer in a Can 355ml

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Beacon, New York

Vodka, Sangria with Peach, Pear, & Orange 9% ABV

As the clocks tick the pages turn. With each new season comes new stories. Summer is for tales that conjure the smell of backyard barbecues, the sight of fireworks lighting up the sky, the feel of sand between your toes, the sound of waves crashing in the distance. The taste of vodka sangria.

At Liquid Fables, we’re inspired by the legacy of stories. Fables connect us to generations of past and future story-enthusiasts. With each telling our myths and tales change, reflecting different times, places, and perspectives. We created Liquid Fables to celebrate the persistence and adaptability of stories. Each cocktail is crafted with a specific fable in mind to help spark your creative spirit. We hope you crack open one of our cans with your loved ones. We hope that together you sip, reminisce, and tell your own stories.

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